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These films are the first two films directed by Stanley Kubrick.This two disc set includes Fear and Desire (1953) and Killer's Kiss (1955). This two disc set is offered at a lower price than purchasing the films separately.


There is a war in this forest. Not a war that has been fought, nor one that will be, but any war. And the enemies who struggle here do not exist unless we call them into being. This forest then, and all that happens now is outside history. Only the unchanging shapes of fear and doubt and death are from our world. These soldiers that you see keep our language and our time, but have no other country but the mind.

The story is set during a war between two unidentified countries. An airplane carrying four soldiers from one country has crashed six miles behind enemy lines. The soldiers come upon a river and build a raft, hoping they can use the waterway to reach their battalion. As they are building their raft, they are approached by a young peasant girl who does not speak their language. The soldiers apprehend the girl and bind her to a tree with their belts. The youngest of them is left behind to guard the girl. He starts to talk to her, but as she doesn't understand him, he talks always more as a delirium; when he unbelts her, believing she will embrace him, she tries to escape and the young soldier shoots her dead. Mac, another of the four soldiers, persuades the commander to let him take the raft for a solo voyage, in connection with a plan to kill an enemy general at a nearby base. The remaining two soldiers successfully infiltrate the base, and the enemy general is killed. They talk and eat with their own general, and return to the river to await Mac. Sitting there, they philosophize about war and how no man is made for it.

This movie is the feature film directorial debut of Stanley Kubrick. In the years following its release, Fear and Desire seemed to have disappeared. Distributor Joseph Burstyn died in November 1953 on a trans-Atlantic flight, and his company went out of business. There were stories that Kubrick had spent years acquiring all known prints of the film, with the plan of preventing it from ever being seen again. However, some prints of the film remained in private collections.

Fear and Desire had its first retrospective screening at the 1993 Telluride Film Festival. In January 1994, the Film Forum, a nonprofit art and revival theater in lower Manhattan, announced plans to show Fear and Desire on a double bill with Killer's Kiss. Although the film's copyright lapsed and the property was in the public domain, thus allowing it to be shown without fear of legal actions, Kubrick tried to discourage it from gaining an audience. Through Warner Brothers, Kubrick issued a statement that severely downplayed the film's value, and he called Fear and Desire "a bumbling amateur film exercise". In 2010, an original copy of the film was discovered at a Puerto Rican film laboratory


David Allen as Narrator
Frank Silvera as Sgt. Mac
Kenneth Harp as Lt. Corby / The General
Paul Mazursky as Pvt. Sidney
Steve Coit as Pvt. Fletcher / The Captain
Virginia Leith as The Girl

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The drama begins with Davey in his apartment room, mentally preparing for a big fight against Kid Rodriguez. On the other side of the building across the courtyard, he gazes upon Gloria, an attractive taxi dancer, getting ready for work. As they both walk out of the building, they run into each other but say nothing. Gloria is picked up by her boss Vincent.

As Davey is losing his fight, Gloria is dealing with her boss in his office as he tries to kiss her repeatedly. That evening Davey is awakened by screams coming from Gloria's apartment. As he looks across the courtyard, he sees that Gloria is being attacked by Vincent. He runs to her room, but Vincent has made his getaway. Davey comforts Gloria and she goes to sleep comfortable that Davey is in the room to protect her. However, Vincent is not deterred and proceeds to interfere in their lives. When they decide to leave town, Davey and Gloria arrange to get money they are each owed. Gloria tries to get money from Vincent at the dance hall, and Davey asks his manager to meet him there as well. When a street performer steals Davey's scarf, he chases after him. Davey's manager arrives but does not see Davey. Vincent sends two goons out to rough Davey up, but they mistake the manager for Davey and kill him in the alley.

Vincent kidnaps Gloria and has his two goons hold her hostage. Davey returns to Gloria's apartment and sees the police across the courtyard in his apartment. They assume he killed his manager. Davey leaves to rescue Gloria, but he is captured and restrained as well, leading to a chase and confrontation in an abandoned warehouse full of mannequins. During the struggle, Davey kills Vincent and rescues Gloria. He and Gloria are cleared of all charges by the police, and Davey buys a train ticket back to the West Coast. At the train station, Davey assumes she will not join him, but at the last minute, Gloria rushes in, and they kiss. This is Stanley Kubrick's second directorial film and it goes without saying that the movie is a must for Kubrick aficionados.


Jamie Smith as Davey Gordon
Irene Kane as Gloria Price
Frank Silvera as Vincent Rapallo
Jerry Jarrett as Albert (the fight manager)
Mike Dana as Gangster
Felice Orlandi as Gangster
Skippy Adelman as Mannequin factory owner
David Vaughan as Conventioneer
Alec Rubin as Conventioneer
Ralph Roberts as Gangster
Phil Stevenson as Gangster
Ruth Sobotka as Iris/ballerina

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