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These two films directed by Edward Wood Jr. This two disc set includes Night of the Ghouls (1959) and Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959). This two disc set is offered at a lower price than purchasing the films separately.

Night of the Ghouls (1959)

The basic plot involves the police investigating a supposed haunted house. The house is discovered to serve as headquarters for a confidence trickster who pretends to be able to contact the dead, and charges naive customers large amounts of money to allow them to speak to their deceased loved ones.

The film features a prologue and a brief acting role by Criswell, who also narrated Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space. The prologue has Criswell rising from a coffin, leaving unclear if the "metaphysical" narrator is awaking from a normal sleep, or whether he is actually a corpse returning to life. The latter implication can be seen as foreshadowing the final scenes of the film.

In a brief epilogue which also closes the frame story, the narrator returns to his coffin. Claiming that it is time for both the old dead and the new to return to their graves, he reminds the viewer that he/she too can soon join them in death.

Night of the Ghouls is a horror film written and directed by Ed Wood. The film features some reoccurring cast members and characters from Bride of the Monster, including Tor Johnson reprising his role of Lobo and Paul Marco again playing the character of Kelton, while the Amazing Criswell plays himself in the frame story of the film.Another returning character is Police Captain Robbins of Homicide, although the character is played by Harvey B. Dunn in Bride, and by Johnny Carpenter in Night. (Dunn however does appear in Night, albeit playing a different character).

Filmed in late 1957, Night of the Ghouls was never released theatrically nor shown on television, and was thought for years to be a lost film. It was finally released direct to video by Wade Williams in 1984. A letter from Wood to Anthony Cardoza, the film's associate producer, records some of his plans for the film, including removing some of Criswell's scenes and replacing them with footage of Bela Lugosi, as well as a possible title change. Wood, however, was never able to make the changes, as the film's ownership remained under the control of the lab, due to unpaid charges for processing.


Kenne Duncan as Dr. Karl Acula
Duke Moore as Lt. Dan Bradford
Tor Johnson as Lobo
Valda Hansen as Sheila, the White Ghost
John Carpenter as Capt. Robbins
Paul Marco as Patrolman Kelton
Don Nagel as Sgt. Crandall
Bud Osborne as Mr. Darmoor
Jeannie Stevens as The Black Ghost/Mannequin
Harvey B. Dunn as Henry Edwards
Margaret Mason as Martha Edwards
Criswell as himself

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Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)

Plan 9 from Outer Space is a 1959 American independent science-fiction horror film written, produced, directed, and edited by Ed Wood; starring Gregory Walcott, Mona McKinnon, Tor Johnson, and "Vampira" (Maila Nurmi); and narrated by Criswell. It also posthumously bills Bela Lugosi as a guest-star (silent footage of the actor had actually been shot by Wood for another, unfinished film just prior to Lugosi's death in August 1956). Other guest-stars are Hollywood veterans Lyle Talbot, who claimed that he never refused any acting job, and former cowboy star Tom Keene. Plan 9 from Outer Space was released theatrically in 1959 by Distributors Corporation of America, which was credited as Valiant Pictures at the time.

The film's storyline concerns extraterrestrials who seek to stop humanity from creating a doomsday weapon that could destroy the universe. The aliens implement "Plan 9", a scheme to resurrect the Earth's dead, referred to as "ghouls". By causing chaos, the aliens hope the crisis will force humanity to listen to them; otherwise the aliens will destroy mankind with armies of the undead. The film was originally developed under the title Grave Robbers from Outer Space, but its financial backers objected to this title, considering it sacrilegious, and it was retitled Plan 9 from Outer Space prior to production.

Plan 9 from Outer Space played on television in relative obscurity until 1980, when authors Harry Medved and Michael Medved dubbed it the "worst film ever made" in their book The Golden Turkey Awards. Wood and his film were posthumously given two Golden Turkey Awards for Worst Director Ever and Worst Film. It has since been retrospectively described as "The epitome of so-bad-it's-good cinema" and has gained a cult following.


Gregory Walcott as Jeff Trent
Mona McKinnon as Paula Trent
Duke Moore as Lt. John Harper
Tom Keene as Col. Tom Edwards
Carl Anthony as Patrolman Larry
Paul Marco as Patrolman Kelton
Tor Johnson as Inspector Daniel Clay
Dudley Manlove as Eros
Joanna Lee as Tanna
John Breckinridge as The Ruler
Lyle Talbot as Gen. Roberts
David De Mering as Danny
Norma McCarty as Edith
Bill Ash as Captain
Rev. Lynn Lemon as Minister at Clay's funeral
Ben Frommer and Gloria Dea as Mourners
Conrad Brooks as Patrolman Jamie
Maila Nurmi (Vampira) as Vampire Girl
Bela Lugosi as the Old Man/Ghoul Man
Tom Mason as Old Man/Ghoul Man stand-in
Criswell as Himself/Narrator
Karl Johnson as Farmer Calder
Ed Wood as Man Holding Newspaper
Hugh Thomas, Jr. as Gravedigger

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