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Three generations of police chiefs struggle with changing times, racial issues, and a vicious serial killer in the fictional southern town of Delano, spanning 40 years. The growing community's first official chief, Will Henry Lee, a failed farmer played by Wayne Rogers, is hired by town patriarch Hugh Holmes (Charlton Heston) in the 1920s much to the chagrin of veteran redneck county sheriff Paul Sorvino, who along with Heston's character has a role in each of the pivotal lawmen's lives.

Sorvino predicts that Rogers is not tough enough for the job, and sure enough the first Chief is killed in a tragic shooting just as he is about to reveal the identity of the local oddball who is secretly a sexual murderer of hitchiking boys. The Chief's grown son, Billy Lee (Stephen Collins) finds recognition as a WWII hero and returns to take a place in the town's political leadership, while sneering tough guy Sonny Butts (Brad Davis) comes home as well, joins the police force, and quickly makes a name for himself as the racist terror of Delano. After murdering an innocent black man (Danny Glover) Butts finds himself under investigation for that crime, attempted rape, and other offenses and sees a way out when he discovers the old chief's serial killer evidence. But before he can reveal what he knows and save his job and his skin, the killer takes him by surprise and he joins the lengthy list of missing victims, along with his fancy police motorcycle.

Twenty years later Billy Lee is now a Senator who pulls strings to have Delano get its first black police chief (Billy Dee Williams), a war veteran who whips his good ole boy lawmen into shape. Amid skirmishes with unenlightened local yokels, bigoted cops from neighboring communities, and the Klan, the Senator is unaware that he and the black cop share a tragic-sweet childhood bond as he runs interference for the Chief's attempts to bring the aging serial murderer to justice.

This outstanding mini-series stars Charlton Heston, Keith Carradine, Stephen Collins, Brad Davis, Tess Harper, Wayne Rogers, Paul Sorvino, Victoria Tennant, Danny Glover, John Goodman and Billy Dee Williams.

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