Broken Journey (1948)

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Broken Journey (1948) Back Cover DVD

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In postwar Europe, while flying over the Swiss Alps, a Fox Airways Douglas DC-3 airliner experiences engine trouble and sends out a distress call. Pilot Captain Fox (Guy Rolfe) and co-pilot Bill Haverton (James Donald) set the aircraft down on a glacier with a minimum of damage, but know that they will not be able to radio for help with run-down batteries and a storm setting in.

Taking stock of their situation, Haverton knows he can rely on stewardess Mary Johnstone (Phyllis Calvert), who is in love with him, but some of the passengers present problems. Film star Joanna Dane (Margot Grahame), opera tenor Perami (Francis L. Sullivan) and iron lung patient John Barber (Grey Blake) are all, in different ways, difficult and demanding passengers. The wrecked aircraft provides them with shelter, as the 13 passengers and crew wait for rescue.

Rescue missions have already been mounted but, when a rescue aircraft misjudges its approach, it crashes and the crew are killed. With limited food supplies, the survivors realise that a rescue in the desolate location is unlikely. The survivors have to decide whether to stay and wait for help or leave the shelter of the wrecked airliner and set out in bad weather to try to reach safety. Some people make sacrifices to allow others to live.

The plot of Broken Journey closely approximated the 1946 C-53 Skytrooper crash on the Gauli Glacier, Switzerland in November 1946.The improvised operation that eventually resulted in the successful rescue of eight passengers and four crew members, considered the "birth of air-rescue in Switzerland", garnered worldwide publicity and led to the fictionalized account of Broken Journey.


Phyllis Calvert as Mary Johnstone
James Donald as Bill Haverton
Margot Grahame as Joanna Dane
Francis L. Sullivan as Perami
Raymond Huntley as Edward Marshall
Derek Bond as Richard Faber
Guy Rolfe as Captain Fox
Sonia Holm as Anne Stephens
Grey Blake as John Barber
Sybille Binder as Lilli Romer
David Tomlinson as Jimmy Marshall
Andrew Crawford as Kid Cormack
Charles Victor as Harry Gunn
Gerard Heinz as Joseph Romer

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