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Set in the American Southwest, the territorial governor enlists the help of the Lone Ranger to investigate mysterious raids on white settlers by Indians who ride with saddles. Wealthy rancher Reese Kilgore (Lyle Bettger) wants to expand his land to include Spirit Mountain, which is sacred to the local tribes. The Lone Ranger realizes the natives wanted to keep settlers away so they would not discover the rich silver deposits on Spirit Mountain, while Kilgore wants to encourage a war between settlers and natives so that he can mine the mountain himself. Working with Chief Red Hawk, the governor, Tonto, a cowboy named Ramirez, and a humorous disguise, the Lone Ranger discovers the true identities of the raiders, prevents war, protects the tribal lands and rescues Kilgore's daughter from captivity.

Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels reprise their television roles in this western classic. The picture was filmed in beautiful color with excellent sound, and has a solid cast and a very good music score, including the signature William Tell Overture. There are several fine action scenes, daring rescues and the familiar disguises used by the Masked Man to close in on the killer of a young cowboy. The grand mountain vistas of southern Utah provide the backdrop for this film and the Ranger and Tonto never looked better as they ride the trail for justice and bring peace to a young territory hoping for statehood. Moore and Silverheels get great support from Lyle Bettger as the scheming rancher, Robert Wilke, John Pickard, Michael Ansara, Frank de Kova and Perry Lopez. Lane Chandler as Chip Walker in this film also appeared in the 1938 Lone Ranger serial.


Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger
Jay Silverheels as Tonto
Lyle Bettger as Reese Kilgore
Bonita Granville as Welcome Kilgore
Perry Lopez as Pete Ramirez
Robert J. Wilke as Cassidy
John Pickard as Sheriff Sam Kimberley
Beverly Washburn as Lila Kilgore
Michael Ansara as Angry Horse
Frank DeKova as Chief Red Hawk
Charles Meredith as Governor
Mickey Simpson as Powder
Lane Chandler as Chip Walker
Zon Murray as Goss

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This second full-length Lone Ranger feature is a fine film with enough rough and tumble action and moves along at a good clip.

Three Indians were brutally murdered by a gang of hooded outlaws. Each one possessed a silver medallion, which were sections cut off from a large silver plaque which served as a treasure map to a secret location where a large amount of gold is reputedly stashed. Two more medallions are unaccounted for, and The Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore) and his friend Tonto (Jay Silverheels) must use all their resources to intercept the gang, prevent further carnage and save the owners of the medallions.


Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger
Jay Silverheels as Tonto
Douglas Kennedy as Ross Brady
Charles Watts as Sheriff Oscar
Noreen Nash as Mrs. Frances Henderson
Ralph Moody as Padre Esteban
Lisa Montell as Paviva
John Miljan as Chief Tomache
Norman Fredric as Dr. James Rolfe
Maurice Jara as Redbird
Bill Henry as Travers, Brady's henchman shot by Brady
Lane Bradford as Brady's henchman shot by the Lone Ranger

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