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This two disc set includes The Scarlet Clue (1945) and Dangerous Money (1946). These films star Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan.


The Scarlet Clue takes it's name from a bloody footprint found at the scene of the first murder in this film, which takes place on a suitably mysterious docked boat. The action resumes at the Cosmo Radio Center, where a host of suspects and victims interact with Inspector Charlie Chan as he goes about solving the case.

In two wonderful segments, Chan's chauffeur Birmingham Brown (Mantan Moreland) carries on a spirited dialog with Ben Carter, each interpreting the other and finishing each other's sentences, leaving Number #3 Son Tommy (Benson Fong) totally confused.

By the time the film ends, there are four victims, all having been been murdered for being too close to the identity of the criminal attempting to steal government radar plans. In a clever scheme, two of the victims are dispatched via the pitch of a radio broadcast that shatters a vial containing a gas that lethally interacts with nicotine when the victims puff on a cigarette. As in many Charlie Chan films though, you don't see the identity of the guilty party coming, it's only revealed at the end with a neat wrap up by the Oriental detective.


Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan
Benson Fong as Tommy Chan
Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown
Virginia Brissac as Mrs. Marsh
Ben Carter as Ben Carter
Robert Homans as Capt. Flynn
Jack Norton as Willie Rand
Janet Shaw as Gloria Bayne
Helen Deverell as Diane Hall
Victoria Faust as Hulda Swenson / Janet Carter
Leonard Mudie as Horace Karlos

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Aboard an ocean liner in the South Pacific, US Treasury agent Scott Pearson confidentially asks Charlie Chan for help. There have been two attempts on his life. Chan rescues him from a third, but not the fourth (a knife in the back).

The captain asks Chan to complete the dead man's mission and find out who is responsible for the recent surfacing of counterfeit dollars and stolen art. Chan declines, citing urgent business in Australia, but sets out to find the murderer.


Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan
Gloria Warren as Rona Simmonds
Victor Sen Yung as Jimmy Chan
Rick Vallin as Tao Erickson
Joseph Crehan as Captain Black
Willie Best as Chattanooga Brown
John Harmon as Freddie Kirk
Bruce Edwards as Harold Mayfair
Dick Elliott as P.T. Burke
Joseph Allen as George Brace, the Purser
Amira Moustafa as Laura Erickson
Tristram Coffin as Scott Pearson
Alan Douglas as Joe Murdock, aka Mrs. Whipple
Selmer Jackson as Ship's Doctor
Dudley Dickerson as Big Ben
Rito Punay as Pete the Steward
Elaine Lange as Cynthia Martin
Emmett Vogan as Professor Martin
Leslie Denison as Reverend Dr. Whipple

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